Where are you?

Do you ever find yourself at a destination like the grocery store, and you don’t really recall your entire journey there? That your brain was on autopilot and somehow got you there without you paying any attention?

This is a symptom of our crazy busy lives, where we spend a lot of time thinking about the next task or stressing about the ones we just completed. What happens in this case is we are not present for the moment. As silly as it sounds, just a gentle reminder all you have is this minute. The moment that passed is gone, and the one that is coming doesn’t exist yet.  Think about it. It’s true.

Life is a series of not-so-glamorous minutes; brushing your teeth, sitting in traffic, talking on the phone, packing lunches. If you aren’t present for these moments you risk completely missing out on your life because your mind is elsewhere.

The easiest way to ground yourself, or bring yourself back to the present is to breathe and engage your 5 senses. What sounds do you hear, what smells? What are you touching? what can you see? How you feel- are you happy? Stressed?

Just breathe and enjoy the moment, because really,this is life, and it’s beautiful. 🙂

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