Reach your potential by learning from others.

This is one of the points in my 15 steps to a better life post: Learn From Others

I promised elaboration on this topic, and here it is!!!!!!

I was reading Darren Hardy’s blog post on self actualization just now when it hit me. Self actualization is something that has been pursued by humanity since we could record history! Many of Aristotle’s musings were based on this concept.

With so many years and years of thought on this topic, somewhere,  someone must have figured it out, right?

4 steps aka Part One is here:

4 more steps aka Part Two is here:

Free resources are here:

Many people feel they don’t get too much benefit from Darren Hardy as it’s so “business oriented” but I disagree, it’s about personal achievement and success…whatever that means to you 🙂 Hope this helps!!

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