One decade down, another handful to go

So, I turn 30 tomorrow. It’s kind of a big deal, to me anyway.

I like to spend the time around my birthday reflecting on the past year, as I suppose a lot of people might do.  This year I took a suggestion from my ADAC counselor and took some time to congratulate myself.

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time doing stuff to get ahead. Whatever ahead means to you. In a lot of cases we don’t take the time to stop and have a little victory party for what we’ve accomplished, survived through, improved on, decided on etc.

This post is about that.  How awesome it is, and why I recommend a victory party in whatever form you think would be best.

I decided to write myself a love letter. Cuz, let’s face it. I am an A type personality and that means I race from one goal to the next, never stopping to reflect on the joy I should be feeling at achieving that one thing that I swore would make me happy if only I could get to.

What I discovered is 2 things. The first is that life doesn’t work like that. If you’re suspending your happiness until such and such happens, you’ll never be happy. Really, all you have is this moment in your life. As I like to say, you might get hit by a car tomorrow. You just don’t know. So, as hard as it is, try to live in the present and find happiness now, in the life you have and the body that is yours. There’s a lot of great stuff about the present moment that if someone were to bribe you with $1000 to do so, I bet you could list off faster than an Ethiopian sprinter.

The second thing is that writing yourself a love letter is absolutely fan-fucking-tabulous. I am totally doing this next year and probably every one after that. It gave me permission to see myself from the outside, not the internal critical brain that I can’t quite get to shut up. The point is, if you look at yourself that way you ( I swear to God) will find that there’s a lot that’s great about you. A lot that’s great about who you are and where your going. A lot that makes you different and special and WAY cooler than anyone else.

I dunno about you, but I think we could all use more love letters in our lives. And since no one is handing out gold stars these days, I propose you give yourself a well deserved schwack of them.  It feels wonderful.

To the next decade! *clink!*

❤ Rolo


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