Canadian sexual assault laws need reform: Rehtaeh Parsons case is evidence enough

“Not enough evidence”is the main reason for failure to charge alleged rapists.

In the case of Retaeh Parsons, even actual digital photos of the event aren’t enough evidence to lay charges.

The precedent set by this attitude creates a permissive attitude to rape and all but endorses rape culture.

To prosecute a crime successfully, one needs to prove two things 1 intent and 2 action. This is where the emphasis on proof comes in.

However, in certain crimes, intent doesn’t play a part when the actions cause enough damage. An example is vehicular manslaughter, just because someone doesn’t intend to kill someone using their car does not mean the act did not occur.

Similarly, I doubt many men or women know what sexual assault is. Never mind have intent to rape.

It’s more commonly known as the culturally pervasive sense of entitlement to have sex with women, regardless of her opinion on the subject. That is in fact, rape.

The relative success of the “No means No” movement has left a legacy of Rape Myth, that unless a woman says no, it’s a yes.

Not so!

Many women can’t say no because they are frightened, or drunk, or in the Stubenville case- thought to be dead.

So then how can the intent to rape exist if societally, it’s culturally acceptable to rape, but not call it that?

And then how do you report something which is not thought if as being really a crime?

And more importantly, why report it if you’re going to be dismissed by the police and bullied by your peers?

Victim blaming has become the norm, not the exception.

We are supposed to believe, these women, nay-girls! did or said something that made it ok for their dignity, morality and very body to be violated in a way they can never fully recover from.

No. Nothing anyone does deserves that. So why the uproar around this happening in India, and the relative silence about it happening here in Canada?

No one wants to talk about this. I suspect because no one wants it to really be happening. That this ugliness and evil behaviour exists right under our very noses in our civilized society.

It makes me sick.

I only hope this case creates the awareness that is so badly needed to prevent this type of thing in the first place. So, men…whether she’s drunk, or underage, or your girlfriend- you still need to ask and get a yes for it to be consensual.

Justice system, for God’s sake, better train your people to cope with these reports. Look harder for evidence. Believe our women when they come forward.

We can no longer turn a blind eye when girls are hanging themselves over the ineptitude and inaction of the organization that is mandated to protect us.

How bad does it have to be when politicians are publicly appealing to Anonomous hackers to met out the justice our system has so badly failed to.

Something must be done about the dismissive attitude The Canadian police and Justice System has to the brave women and girls that report their sexual assaults.

Rules and policies must be adjusted to serve and protect.

I don’t know what the answer to this horrible and heartbreaking issue is, but I know nothing can be solved by pretending the problem doesn’t exist in the first place.

Here’s the petition demanding an investigation into the treatment of the Rehtaeh Parson’s case :

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