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Canadian sexual assault laws need reform: Rehtaeh Parsons case is evidence enough

“Not enough evidence”is the main reason for failure to charge alleged rapists. In the case of Retaeh Parsons, even actual digital photos of the event aren’t enough evidence to lay charges. The precedent set by this attitude creates a permissive … Continue reading

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An attitude of gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful tools I’ve used to change my outlook on life for the better. It started out with a friend posting a list of 3 things she was grateful for on Facebook every day. … Continue reading

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How to deal with being lonely, or how I stayed single for 13 months

Feeling lonely is a terrible thing. The ache is like nothing else. If you’re like me you’ll do just about anything to distract yourself from it. Being a woman, with access to the Internet, it’s not too difficult to find … Continue reading

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Self care and self respect

My default is to bully myself to BE more and DO more with less and less. To take care of myself is a crucial component of respecting myself. Sadly, I didn’t know what I needed to take care of myself … Continue reading

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You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees or stars

I’d felt for so long that there was something missing. Within there was a panicked scrambling. I had to get somewhere or do something to alleviate the gnawing hole in my gut. I tried everything there is to try… I … Continue reading

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Managing Fear

On the other side of fear is the life you’ve always imagined~ Fears have the ability to paralyze. They can enslave in repetitive thoughts & actions and neuter our ability to grow. Without the ability to manage my fears I … Continue reading

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work life balance what?

1. Set a time to shut off work. Working all day and night means you are nothing but your job. Your life belongs to your employer (or if you’re the employer then your life belongs to your employees or customers). … Continue reading

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