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Cuz Forbes said so- lol

I was thrilled to read this articles from FORBES Magazine which succinctly summarizes what I have been preaching about. It’s focus is on workers, however, these 7 tips apply to everyone. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Are you using these 2 power tools yet? part 1 of 2

There are 2 tools I use almost daily that I have found are extremely powerful when it comes to feeling in control of your life and steering it in the direction of your happiness. The first is journaling. Now, this … Continue reading

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Who the hell are you, anyway?

I think a lot of misery comes from not knowing who the hell we are, or really, what we want. It helps to know this before you create your plan for your road to your personal bliss. Soooo, I recommend … Continue reading

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My assumptions; or how to make the most of this.

So, I have a couple of theories, which are inherent in each of these blog posts. I figured I should probably explain these assumptions beforehand so we’re all clear. 1. I believe that you can reprogram your brain through a … Continue reading

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Who in the hell do I think I am?

The point of this post is to explain where I get off in giving out tips, resources etc as I am painfully aware that it could come off as arrogant, narcissistic or holier than thou, which is certainly not the intent. The … Continue reading

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